'Love what you do...

NUKWAMI is a Rwandan/German artist, designer, children book author and songwriter. He is currently living and working in Berlin.

The pseudonym NUKWAMI, like some of his art work, was revealed to him in a dream. 

His multi-facetted artistic journey started with songwriting. As an illustrator, he was featured in the AIR BURKINA FASO Magazine illustrating African proverbs.Today, his focus is on creating contemporary afrolifestyle designs and visual arts. Merging African patterns and words in his colorful acrylic paintings, NUKWAMI shares experiences, conversations and raises questions on various topics ranging from e.g. cultural identity, human nature, spirituality, science, history, consciousness, being, love, conflict, trauma to the meaning of life.

As a board member of the Association Gira Impuhwe, NUKWAMI supports in Rwanda young people and women to create a better future for themselves through e.g. academic and creative education. 

...and do what you love'